Solid Art 

Each high-quality limited edition fine art collectible requires an incredible amount of time in designing, modeling, painting, and casting.


All pieces are one of a kind, which are handcrafted individually and delicately produced.

Artless Art Is The Art Of Soul ...

技到隨心意 ...

About The Artist 

Robin Kwok is the founder of Solid Art and  Heroes Club/Art Of Toys established in 1989 in San Francisco, California.

Robin graduated from the prestigious Academy Of Art University of San Francisco with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. 

He caters to modelers and collectors of horror, science-fiction, and fantasy-related collectibles. Robin’s expertise extends into action figures, models, and other collectibles. Robin has been custom building, sculpting, and painting model kits for over thirty-five years.

Robin is one of the talented artists who is born with creativity and artistic skills. His natural ability in building and airbrush paintings in detail is internationally recognized. He enjoys the challenge of building and painting complex raw sculptures and custom building art pieces from the client's request.

His clientele includes Kirk Hammett of Metallica; actor Nicholas Cage; director/producer Guillermo del Toro; Godzilla Director Koichi Kawakita; Robin Williams; well-known singer & musician from Hong Kong Danny Summer; Michael Jackson.



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